Cloud Services

We can manage corporate mobility through Microsoft’s EMS (Microsoft Mobility Suite) and the Office 365 Platform with Exchange. You can unlock thousands of apps with a single unique identity. Imagine unlimited apps unlocked in your fingertips!

Reasons why you should choose our collaboration with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite? Here are some:


a) It protects Office better


The only solution designed to protect your Microsoft office email, files, and apps.

We provide a unique service that specializes in protecting your office email, files and applications. We take pride in our software because we have recognized the need of the client and developed a system which not only protects but is user friendly as well. Gone are the days of hassle, now everything is just a click away. Do try our services today and know for yourself!


b) It saves you money


Up to 50% less than the cost of buying standalone solutions from other vendors. It’s all you need—at one great value.

They have the only enterprise mobility solution designed to help manage and protect users, devices, apps (PC or mobile), and data.

Not only is Microsoft the most comprehensive solution, it’s also a great value: Their Enterprise Mobility Suite is 58% less than standalone products from other vendors. 

c) It just works


It’s simple to set up, always up to date, and connects to your on-premises data center. Architecture matters. That’s why Microsoft’s solutions run in the cloud and work seamlessly with your on-premises investments—taking the worry out of scale, maintenance, and updates.



d) It’s more secure


Security is in our core. We help you to identify security breaches before they cause damage. A key concern for you continues to be security, and rightly so. Microsoft offers cloud identity and access management solutions running at Internet scale and designed to help secure your IT environment. Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics is designed to help you identify advanced persistent threats in your organization before they cause damage.


e) It’s comprehensive


They protect iOS, Android, Windows, Windows 10, and over 2,500 popular SaaS apps.

No one manages Office better. Protecting email and other corporate data on mobile devices, without bogging down workers—is one of today’s biggest IT challenges. Other vendors solve it with apps that compromise user experience and thus stall productivity. We’re the only solution that brings managed mobile productivity with Microsoft Office across devices.